Reduce Food Tax


Kansas has among the highest tax on groceries in the nation. Lowering the sales tax on food and groceries will help lift the burden off of working families and our elders living on a fixed income.

Affordable Health Care


Access to quality, affordable health care is a moral issue. Because our state failed to expand Medicaid (AKA KanCare), Kansas has paid $2 billion into the federal Medicaid program and refused the return of those dollars to the state. Those federal dollars would provide health insurance for more than 150,000 Kansans in the coverage gap, most of whom work but cannot afford insurance. Expanding access to health care is the right thing to do for Kansans and will keep small hospitals and clinics open.

Accountability & Transparency


Not a single child should be lost in the Kansas foster care system. We shouldn’t wake up one morning to suddenly discover a chicken processing plant is moving in next door. Public information requests must be honored, not stonewalled. Good government requires transparency at every level.

Strong Schools


We have a constitutional obligation to fund our public K-12 schools and equitably allocate those resources. Kansas was once admired for its education system. In recent years, we have watched our children's class sizes grow, ratings fall, and educators leave their jobs. Our elected officials are failing to give teachers and children the resources they need for success. Quality education must be prioritized for our children’s futures and for the future of Kansas.



Agriculture is the backbone of our economy in Kansas. We must listen to and support our farmers by investing in innovative practices that preserve our land and water for the next generation.